Americans Say They Are Thankful For ‘Little Joys’ More Than Ever These Days – Their Top 10 Favorites

72% of Americans in a new poll said that they are more likely to find “little joys” during the summertime—and that’s especially true this year.

83% of respondents agreed: it’s the little things in their day that bring the most joy—and just as many say these little things have become even more important to them in the past few months.

Luckily, the average respondent experiences four of these small things every day.

Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bubbies Ice Cream, the survey found many of the little things respondents look forward to relate to nature and the great outdoors. The third most-popular ”little joy” was ‘feeling the sun on my face’

Listening to rainfall or a thunderstorm while inside, the arrival of a blue-sky sunny day, and the smell of the ocean, all made it into the top 30.

But it was family and friends that were a key factor in a third of the top ten “little joys”. Not surprisingly in 2020, seeing a loved one after being apart was #1.

Sleeping in a freshly made bed, having time to myself, and getting something for free rounded out the top five answers. Who doesn’t love finding money? That was also mentioned.

For many, who look forward to something in the kitchen, the smell of freshly-made baked goods and the first sip of coffee in the morning was a favorite answer.

“We’ve seen the joy that comes from these indulgences and know that celebrating the small moments in life is critical when it comes to navigating stressful times,” noted Katie Cline, Vice President of Marketing at Bubbies Ice Cream.


  1. Seeing a loved one after being apart for a while 40%
  2. Sleeping in a freshly made bed 39%
  3. Feeling the sun on my face 39%
  4. Getting something for free 39%
  5. Having time to myself 35%
  6. Hugging a loved one 33%
  7. Finding money I didn’t know I had 32%
  8. The first sip of coffee in the morning 30%
  9. The clean feeling after a shower 30%
  10. Receiving an “I’ve been thinking about you” type text 28%

What are your favorite little joys? Would sunshine and a freshly made bed make your top five?